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Dermapen & Dermaroller Treatments in London

Dermaroller® therapy is a treatment which rejuvenates the skin using tiny micro-needles in order to stimulate the skin’s natural ability to heal, tighten and even generate a little volume. It is a highly-effective non-surgical method which can be used to treat many cosmetic blemishes, from acne scars to wrinkles, sun-damaged skin and stretch marks, pushing the skin to heal and repair itself. The therapy involves the use of a ‘roller’ with hundreds of tiny micro-needles, creating tiny pin-prick holes in the skin (which will heal within a day), encouraging the skin to repair and regenerate itself by producing more collagen and elastin. By using a local anaesthetic to numb the skin around the treated area before the therapy begins, any discomfort is minimal.

Dermaroller® therapy is for anybody who feels that their skin problems are causing them to feel insecure or unhappy and are seeking a treatment that will have lasting effects, but there are a few people who aren’t suitable: those pregnant or breastfeeding, those prone to keloid scarring, those taking blood-thinning therapies or high dose corticosteroids or oral retinoids, cases of uncontrolled diabetes, or on any area with warts, skin cancers or infection.

You can expect to see firm results around six weeks after undergoing the treatment, but the skin will continue to heal and grow for months. Although single treatments are available, the best results are seen with a course of three treatments, ideally six weeks apart. Dr. Ifeoma Ejikeme offers Dermaroller® treatment at Adonia Medical in London from £350 per session, with a discount for patients who purchase a package of three sessions.

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