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Laser Treatments in London & Hampstead

We offer a professional laser hair removal service at Adonia Medical, for both men and women. Our highly trained technicians will ensure that you receive the highest level of care and that you’re completely comfortable throughout the process.

What laser treatment can be used for:

  • Laser hair removal treatment can be used for getting rid of unwanted hair on the face and body. We treat all skin types and have lasers which can safely treat safe for dark, mid tones and light
  • Pigmentation – Hyperpigmentation is a darkening of the natural skin tone. Its appearance is not dissimilar to that of freckles although it’s not the same thing and many people want to get rid of it. Laser technology can be used to get rid of any problems related to pigmentation safely and effectively.
  • Leg veins – Leg veins can tend to start appearing as we age and are more common in women than men. They can often look unsightly and are something that most people would rather not have appear. These can also be removed very effectively.
  • Thread veins – Thread veins become more common as we age and often form on the back of the legs. Whilst they don’t pose any harm, they are not particularly attractive and something that most people would rather be without.
  • Tight skin – Tight skin can make your look older and so it’s something that many people want to get rid of. Whilst there are other forms of treatment to help treat tight skin, laser treatment is one of the most effective.


Laser treatments FAQ

How does it work?

Laser hair removal targets individual hair follicles via needle and applies a tiny amount of electricity to the base of the follicle to disrupt the growth cycle. It’s a very effective means of permanently getting rid of unwanted hair on both the face and body.

Can any type of skin be treated?

Yes – every type of skin can be treated including those with very dark and very light complexions.

How many treatments will I need?

This will vary from one patient to the next and will depend on the area being treated, the amount of hair that needs to be removed and how well you respond to treatment. For most people, 6-12 treatments is ideal.

Is it painful?

Although you will feel a sensation with laser treatment, it’s very mild and not something that most people would describe as painful. If you’re particularly uncomfortable with needles then we can anaesthetise the area before administering the treatment.

When will I see results?

This also varies, but the hairs being treated in a particular session will typically fall out after 2 weeks. Over time and with further treatments, more and more hairs will fall and eventually cease to grow back.

Is there anything I should avoid doing after treatment?

You should avoid getting too hot or sweaty in the first couple of days after treatment since it can irritate the skin. Therefore you should avoid excessive exercise as well as saunas and spa rooms. Tanning after treatment is not recommended.

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