Cosmelan and Dermamelan

Cosmelan and Dermamelan are the newest products available on the market for achieving even, refined skin and are producing revolutionary results for our patients. At Adonia Medical Clinic, we understand that dark spots and blemishes can be distracting and can be a source of embarrassment. We take pride in staying at the forefront of developing technology and treatments in skin care, and are excited for our Hampstead patients to reap the benefits of this advanced treatment.

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How do Cosmelan and Dermamelan Work?

Both Cosmelan and Dermamelan work through a series of creams and topicals that target skin blemishes caused by imbalances in melanin, which gives us our natural skin colour. The innovative treatments were specifically designed to target areas in the face that are hyperpigmented in the most non-invasive yet effective way. At the most basic level, the products work by blocking the body’s production of melanin, preventing dark spots before they surface.

What Can the Products Treat?

Cosmelan and Dermamelan are often among the first options recommended for patients with melasma, a condition that causes brown or grey patchy dark spots in the face. The treatments are equally as effective for patients who are experiencing discoloration caused by acne or acne scarring, as well as patients who are experiencing hyperpigmentation as a result of previous treatment such as chemical peels or dermal lasers.

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Cosmelan vs. Dermamelan

Cosmelan, the predecessor of Dermamelan, is considered to be one of the most effective skin whitening treatments in the world. The highly anticipated launch of Dermamelan came with even more expectations of effectiveness. Dermamelan is typically reserved for treatment in patients with particularly noticeable facial dark spots. It contains higher concentrations of the active ingredients found in Cosmelan and is sometimes recommended after other methods have proven unsuccessful.

Who can use the skin pigmentation treatment?

Cosmelan and Dermamelan were produced with the intention that any patient can use them and were designed to be effective for all skin types on men and women of all skin tones. The products can be used on oily to dry skin and every skin type in between, and have unprecedented potential to treat patients of all ethnicities.

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When Will I See Results?

Visible results will first start to transpire as soon as one week into treatment. These short-term results are designed to start almost immediately so that the patient can start to feel more confident about their new, even skin tone in no time. Still, long-term results are the main focus of each of these products. When tested in clinic trials, Dermamelan produced results that erased nearly 70% of blemishes and dark spots on the face.

Why Choose Adonia?

At Adonia Medical Clinic we keep our patients’ best interest in mind at all stages of treatment. From consultation to recovery, we will be there to answer any and all questions regarding your treatment and to celebrate the newer, more confident you. We are located in the centre of Hampstead, convenient and accessible from any district in London. To book your consultation, simply click here.

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