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Eliminate your Double Chin with Belkyra® in London

Kybella® injections are one of the most effective ways to treat submental fullness (double-chin) without the need for surgery. This treatment has been available in the United States for the past 3 years and will soon be available as “Belkyra®” in London. Capable of permanently eliminating fat cells beneath the chin, Belkyra is poised to become one of the most requested treatments in Hampstead and across London in the coming year.

With a masters in aesthetic medicine, Dr. Ifeoma Ejikeme has the skills required to utilise new treatments, such as Belkyra, to enhance your chin and jaw line. She has been paying close attention to the results achieved so far with Kybella in the U.S. and is thrilled to be able to offer this non-invasive treatment to her London patients. As an honorary lecturer on aesthetic medicine at Queen Mary’s University, Dr. Ejikeme has been helping London’s best dermatologists and aesthetic doctors master the latest techniques in non-invasive medicine. She will be one of the first doctors to offer Belkyra in London and is very excited about the impact this product will have.

Before and After Treatment Photos - Belkyra - female patient
Before and After Belkyra

Belkyra Treatments in London are Coming Soon!

The FDA approved the dermatological use of Kybella in the United States in early 2015. The final round of clinical trials is being completed in the UK, and the release of Belkyra into the market is imminent. Belkyra (known as Kybella in the U.S.) is an injectable treatment formulated with deoxycholic acid, a substance that safely melts away chin fat. The solution Dr. Ejikeme will gently inject into the treatment areas is a synthetic version of a substance the body naturally produces to absorb fat. Unlike traditional fat removal methods and “miracle” creams, Dr. Ejikeme will be able to directly inject Belkyra into fat cells and reduce fullness underneath the chin, achieving unique results.

Before and After Treatment Photos - Belkyra - male patient
Before and After Belkyra

Get Rid of your Double Chin Fast at Adonia Medical Clinic

Fullness beneath the chin is attributed to a number of factors including weight, diet and genetics. A double chin can affect a person’s appearance and be impossible to correct without treatment by a professional. Though there are several surgical options available to extract fat, Belkyra is the only dermal injectable suited to dissolve fat from the chin region with expedient recovery time. While laser liposuction temporarily removes fat, Belkyra permanently damages fat cells, by permanently disabling and removing them from the injection site. Dr. Ejikeme will be one of the few doctors in the UK to administer Belkyra injections in her London office in the near future. After undergoing an enhancement procedure performed at Adonia Medical Clinic you’ll leave our office with a more refreshed and symmetrical appearance.

Before and After Treatment Photos - Belkyra - female patient 2
Before and After Belkyra

Advantages of Belkyra
Non-surgical: Safely eliminates submental fullness without a neck-lift, liposuction or laser procedure. There are no sutures or downtime required.
Cost-effective: The only minimally invasive treatment approved to melt away your double chin, making Belkyra a wise investment.
Quick: Belkyra is injected into target tissue in just 15 minutes, requires only a few sessions and is well tolerated by our patients.
Effective: Advanced technique adds contour and definition, creating a firmer and slimmer jaw line for a more youthful appearance.

Frequently Asked Questions regarding Belkyra

How long do Belkyra results last?
Since fat cells destroyed by Belkyra are eliminated forever and can no longer accumulate fat, the success rate is optimal. The procedure is designed to offer a slimmer jaw line and permanent results, as long as the patient maintains a stable body weight and healthy diet. With Dr. Ejikeme’s extensive training and advanced technique, treatments are designed to achieve long-lasting results.

What is a Belkyra treatment like?
As an expert on Belkyra and other dermal injectables, Dr. Ejikeme will ensure each chin reduction procedure is comfortable and thorough. During this future lunchtime treatment, a numbing cream is applied to combat discomfort that occurs when the product is administered. Throughout the Belkyra treatment, the aesthetic specialist gently administers a series of injections along the chin and jaw line. Dr. Ejikeme provides each patient with a unique after-care plan.

What is recovery from Belkyra like?
During the first 4 days following a Belkyra injection, the body rapidly works to dissolve and expel fat from the body. Side effects such as redness, irritation and some discomfort while swallowing should be expected and will subside within about 3 days, as your body adjusts to the injectable. At Adonia Medical Clinic we recommend that patients take Ibuprofen and wear neck garments to mask visible swelling and promote comfort.

Am I candidate for Belkyra?
Available in the near future in our London office, Belkyra is a suitable fat reduction method for men and women. Individuals of average health who would like to reduce excess neck or chin fat without surgery can benefit from this enhancement procedure. Most patients who undergo Belkyra injections are satisfied after just 2 to 4 injection sessions. People who have felt embarrassed about their appearance can finally feel at ease after this affordable treatment. While liposuction offers quicker results, Belkyra is a scar-free and subtle way to redefine your jaw line.

Who shouldn’t get Belkyra?
Let your doctor know during the consultation if you’re currently on blood-thinners or have recently undergone surgery around the chin or neck region. Individuals who are breast-feeding or currently pregnant are not suitable candidates for Belkyra. During your consultation our team will go over the advantages and disadvantages of treatment.

Can Belkyra be combined with other procedures?
Yes. Belkyra can be combined with laser procedures for skin-tightening. However, for optimal healing, Dr. Ejikeme recommends against having treatments performed in conjunction with Belkyra. We feature a number of non-surgical methods uniquely tailored to boost your self-esteem and achieve youthful results. Consult Dr. Ejikeme should you be interested in other aesthetic treatments.

When can I receive Belkyra injections at Adonia Medical Clinic?
Currently, Belkyra is undergoing it’s last set of clinical trials. Once the injectable is approved, Adonia Medical Clinic will be offering London Belkyra treatments. Please contact us if you’re considering our double chin reduction. Belkyra is a safe, non-surgical chin fat reduction method, performed in the comfort and serenity of our London based medical clinic.

Why choose Adonia Medical Clinic for your Belkyra injections in London
Adonia Medical Clinic offers a wide variety of cosmetic treatment options to enhance your appearance.
Dr. Ifeoma Ejikeme possesses a keen eye for detail and proudly brings a holistic approach to effectively treating patients. With years of experience, extensive medical training and board certifications, she has trained a team of medical professionals to help patients achieve beautiful results. The professionals at Adonia Medical Clinic are always available to answer questions and we try to keep treatment costs under control. As soon as this product is made available, individuals will be able to schedule a chin contouring session with Belkyra in our London office. We have a waiting list for clients that wish to sign up for Belkyra injections as soon as possible.

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