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skin2018Dr. Ejikeme shares her tips for keeping your skin beautiful in 2018.
Hello!Hello!Dr. Ejikeme shares her top tips for keeping your skin glowing this summer.
Mail Online - coverDailyMailDr. Ejikeme invites you to check “How DOES Macron’s wife defy her age?” - Ejikeme discusses “This New Cellulite Basher Might Actually Work”
NetDoctor,post - screenshotNetdoctorDr. Ejikeme discusses “How to stay healthy, whatever your age”
Aesthetic, post - screenshotaestheticsjournal.comDr. Ejikeme invites you to check “Consumer Media and the Aesthetics Specialty”
Natural Health - coverNatural HealthDr. Ejikeme discusses “Are You Looking After Your Vagina?”
Annie Drea - photoAnnie DreaDr. Ejikeme invites you to check “May’17 Faves”
Woman - imagewww.cosmopolitan.comDr. Ejikeme discusses the 9 common health mistakes women make after sex
eye - imagewww.comparethetreatment.comDr. Ejikeme invites you to check “Cosmetic Surgery-How young is too young? and what are the best anti-ageing tips
Amy Childs - Ejikeme discusses “New mother Amy Childs is using her daughter’s PLACENTA as a beauty product after having it turned into face cream

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