IV Vitamin Drop and Booster Treatments

The team at Adonia Medical Clinic is excited to announce the highly-anticipated launch of our newest treatment line for skin brightening and enhancement concerns- IV Glutathione. The treatment has promising implications for our London patients who want to improve hyper-pigmentation by adding radiance to their skin, want to create a more balanced and even skin tone, or who may have tried other methods of skin brightening to no avail.

Our staff has recently been specially-trained by Intravita International, one of the most respected training programs in the U.K. We can now confidently say that the new line of IV vitamin drop and booster treatments is sure to be popular among patients who want to improve their well-being and outward appearance. Step into the new year with your best foot forward- with a more vibrant, shining complexion by Dr. Ejikeme.

What is an IV Glutathione Treatment?

The IV vitamin drop and booster treatment using intravenous glutathione is designed to create an even, brighter skin tone. The treatment has the ability to produce visible, lasting results in patients looking for an illuminated glow and who may have not previously had much success using other methods such as bleaching creams. The IV, which contains essential vitamins, minerals, and amino acids, is administered directly into the bloodstream using a small needle. The treatment is entirely natural, and the procedure is quick and painless. A single session can be completed in our Hampstead office in just thirty minutes.

Results of Your IV Vitamin Drop Treatment

IV glutathione has the potential to create a more radiant, luminous color for skin on the face and around the body. Results will first be seen in the initial 3-4 weeks following treatment and will reach their peak after about two or three months. Because results can be more dramatic with subsequent treatments, many patients schedule follow-up IVs to prolong and enhance results. Dr. Ejikeme will work directly with you to create a treatment plan that best comports with your goals and will adjust according to how your skin is responding to the vitamin and booster injections.

Customized Drips for a Brighter Appearance
At Adonia Medical Clinic we offer fully customized drips for a variety of conditions including hair loss and skin lightening to mood and energy boosters. IV therapy addresses a wide variety of physical and emotional concerns ranging from pain relief to increased relaxation. During treatment a sterile needle is utilized to administer high doses of vitamins, amino acids and minerals directly to the areas that need them most. With a tailored IV wellness protocol, the team at Adonia Medical Clinic can directly address and correct your deepest medical and cosmetic concerns with quick recovery time and admirable results.

IV skin lightening – The Skin-Brightening IV includes a healthy dose of vitamin C and powerful minerals that beautifully brighten skin. Unlike chemical peels and toxic whitening creams, this treatment is safe and natural.

IV Hair tonic – Infused with ingredients such as: potassium chloride, iron, calcium gluconate, magnesium gluconate, B Complex, B12 and zinc, the tonic revitalizes hair and nails. A combination of high-grade vitamins and antioxidants reaches the cellular level to optimize hair health and hormonal balance within the body.

IV Immune booster – A healthy immune system is key to fighting illness, healing optimally and feeling your best. A proper diet and daily vitamins are beneficial, but an IV immune booster tends to improve your health quickly and more effectively.

Most popular boosters:

Glutathione IV booster – We live in a world inhabited by toxicity, Glutathione is a powerful antioxidant that protects vital components of the body against harmful toxins. The molecule promotes a youthful appearance, detoxifies the body and protects your immune system.

B12 IV booster – Popular with athletes, this supercharged formula boosts energy and red blood cell production. The alternative to caffeine produces long-lasting healthy energy and regulates sleep, appetite and temperament for a more balanced life.

Consultation and Pricing

Your consultation appointment can be scheduled online or over the phone and will be approximately 45 minutes. The visit will take place at our central Hampstead office, conveniently accessible from all parts of London. This is your time to meet with Dr. Ejikeme one-on-one and will have the opportunity to address any questions or concerns you have regarding your IV glutathione treatment. The breakdown of price of the IV vitamin drop, customized drip and booster treatment is as follows:

  • £250 for single session
  • £1125 for a course of 5 treatments
  • £1350 for six sessions for maintenance
  • £250 per drip for IV drips
  • at £150 for IV boosters

For more information, we encourage you to set up a time to come in for your consultation visit.

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