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As we age, the fullness in our cheeks succumbs to gravity, causing our cheeks to droop. Minor jowling around the lower face also becomes more prominent over time. While these changes are subtle, they can make you appear much older. Board certified, Dr. Ifeoma Ejikeme proudly offers non-invasive cheek enhancement treatments at Adonia Medical Clinic in London. Unlike surgical cheek implants, non-invasive cheek shaping uses a dermal filler injection, Juvéderm, to offer beautiful results with minimal to no downtime. Cheek enhancement is an advanced procedure; therefore, in order to ensure symmetrical, harmonious results only an experienced specialist should perform it. At Adonia Medical Clinic in London, our advanced techniques engineer instant, refined, and exquisite natural results.

Candidates for Cheek Fillers

Loss of volume in the cheeks has a great impact on the rest of the face. Aging causes many aspects of the mid and lower face to shift downwards, causing jowls to develop. As a result, you may gain a tired or unhappy appearance. At Adonia medical clinic we can rejuvenate the skin and add much needed support to the face is by injecting dermal fillers. If you are experiencing volume loss in the cheek region, cheek shaping by global expert Dr Ifeoma Ejikeme, MD, in London may be an ideal solution for you.

Cheek Enhancement - Before and After Treatment Photos - female, oblique view, patient 1
Cheek Enhancement - Before and After Treatment Photos - female, oblique view, patient 2
Cheek Enhancement - Before and After Treatment Photos - female, oblique view, patient 3

*Results May Vary

Cheek Enhancement at Adonia Medical Clinic in Central London

You’ll enjoy the comfort of our clinic while being treated by the best in the field. A cheek enhancement treatment instantly restores and corrects the height, and shape of your cheeks, reigniting your youthful glow! As an expert in the cosmetic medicine field, Dr. Ejikeme maintains your concerns and aesthetic goals as a top priority during the procedure.

FAQ Regarding Cheek Enhancement

Who performs non-surgical cheek shaping?

In order to produce beautiful and consistent results, qualified and experienced doctors perform all injectable treatments. Dr Ifeoma Ejikeme, Medical director overseas all treatments performed at the clinic. Dr Ejikeme .

Is a recovery period needed?

While there is little to no downtime associated with receiving cheek fillers, slight bruising and swelling at the injection site is normal. This can be treated with over the counter pain medication and will subside within a few days.

When are results noticeable?

Because of the versatility of this product, results are instantly visible following your first treatment. Results will continue to settle over the days to follow.

How long does cheek enhancement last?

Non-invasive cheek fillers add volume that lasts for up to two years. They are considered an ongoing treatment for maintenance purposes.

Why Choose Adonia Medical Clinic?

At Adonia Medical Clinic, we put our patients first. Each treatment is tailored to your specific concerns and aesthetic goals. During your consultation at our Maida Vale clinic, we listen to your concerns and can design the best solution for your needs. Committed to a holistic approach to skincare, we help our patients rediscover their unique beauty. After your cheek enhancement treatment in our comfortable Central London clinic, you can look forward to going home feeling rejuvenate and more confident. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Ejikeme and her team today!

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