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5 Pillars of Healthy Living

Below are the 5 pillars that we believe are necessary for a healthy life:

  • Finding purpose – Finding purpose is incredibly important, especially for younger people who may have just left school or university and are not certain about what direction they want to take. Not having a clearly defined purpose in life can easily lead to stress and anxiety, which are big precursors to illness.
  • Relationships – Good relationships are vital for living a healthy and happy life. Key relationships such as those with your partner, parents and children are some of the most important and also the ones that can create the most stress and conflict in your life. Working on relationships is something that a lot of people neglect but it’s vital for true happiness.
  • Stress reduction – Reducing stress in your life is one of the best ways of preventing illness. Of course, this can be easy said than done since for many people, work is one of their primary sources of stress. However, it’s not always necessary to simply take yourself out of stressful situations, but rather change your reaction to them. For example, instead of seeing situations that demand a lot of you as something that you can’t cope with, instead look at them as a challenge – an obstacle to overcome.
  • Active lifestyle – It’s a sad fact that many people in this day and age simply don’t get enough exercise. Internet addiction, combined with the prevalence of smartphones means that more people than ever are now sat down for most of the day. Simply exercising for 45 minutes to an hour each day will greatly improve your mood and drastically reduce the risk of major illness.
  • Healthy eating –You can improve your diet very easily by simply eating more fruit and vegetables and ditching the high fat and salt foods such as burgers, fries, cakes and sweets.

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