UltraSculpt: Top London Skin-Tightening Treatment

Although nearly every person can point to some part of his or her face or body that they want lifted or tightened, not everyone wants invasive surgery that involves sutures, incisions, and scars. That is why the UltraSculpt device is a game-changer. UltraSculpt presents a non-invasive way to reduce fat pockets, tighten skin and reduce wrinkles. Using gentle, yet powerful micro-focused ultrasound waves to send energy pulses to lift sagging skin, the UltraSculpt technology reaches deep muscles layers to eliminate fat pockets and rebuild elastic collagen.

This non-invasive treatment can tighten skin on the face, neck, and body in order to contour and tighten your shape providing a more youthful and slimmer appearance without any downtime.

Get UltraSculpt for tightened skin in Central London

Dr. Ejikeme, head of the Adonia Medical Clinic in Central London, is an expert in aesthetic medicine who uses her extensive medical training to help patients achieve a more youthful complexion. Dr Ejikeme is pleased to offer UltraSculpt treatments, which give patients the option to undergo several non-invasive procedures that include a non-surgical facelift, body contouring and body tightening, all which provide excellent results.

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How does the UltraSculpt work to reduce wrinkles and lift the skin?

The UltraSculpt taps into the body’s own power to regenerate and heal itself by encouraging collagen production. UltraSculpt uses micro-focused ultrasound energy to specifically target deep skin layers to tighten collagen fibres that serve as the support structures for the skin. The device rejuvenates crucial skin layers, similar to the skin layers targeted in a facelift procedure, without causing damage to the surrounding skin or tissue. The warm pulses of ultrasound energy cause the deep muscle tissue to contract, engaging the skin’s natural regeneration process, helping to reduce pockets of fat while simultaneously promoting collagen production. The treatment can be performed in less than an hour and there is no downtime necessary after the procedure.

UltraSculpt treatments work in many areas, providing immediate results

Upon receiving your first UltraSculpt treatment in our beautiful Central London office, you will notice an immediate tightening effect. The UltraSculpt can lift the skin on the face, jawline, forehead, brow, neck, décolletage area, love handles, knees, inner and outer thighs, upper arms, and the troubling axilla area, which is the region of skin near the armpits that often sticks up and out of bras. Those who receive UltraSculpt treatments on their bodies and faces may notice an immediate improvement in their skin, though results will continue to improve over the 4 to 12 weeks following the procedure.

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Trusting UltraSculpt treatments to an expert

Dr Ejikeme constantly advances her training and expertise in the field of cosmetic medicine and plastic surgery well beyond other physicians in Central London. As such, the laboriously trained physician is an expert surgeon with the aesthetic eye of an artist. Trust that you will receive the highest standard of care for your safe, UltraSculpt procedure. Even after one UltraSculpt session, you can experience smoother and tighter skin, as the non-surgical device works to lift the skin in the targeted area and stimulate a natural regenerative process.

Schedule a personal consultation at Adonia Medical Clinic in Central London to discuss the possibilities for an UltraSculpt Treatment to rejuvenate your skin.

Schedule your UltraSculpt treatment now at our office in Central London

Schedule a personal consultation at Adonia Medical Clinic in Central London to discuss the possibilities for an UltraSculpt Treatment to tighten your skin.

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